Sharptown Fire Dept. Alerted for a House Fire on Tower Hill Lane

At approx. 8:15PM, on June 13, Wicomico Central alerted Sharptown Fire Department (Station 14) along with Mardela Fire Department (Station 9), Hebron Fire Department (Station 5) and Laurel Fire Department (Station 81) of a house fire on Tower Hill Lane. A column of smoke could be seen from in town Sharptown and as far away as Hebron. Engine Tanker 14 arrived on scene with a house fully involved and fire through the roof. Assistant Chief Bowden took command and requested a tanker task force due to the size of the house. Additional tankers and engines were added from Delmar Fire Department (Station 74), Eldorado-Brookview Fire Department (Station 26), Seaford Fire Department (Station 87), Blade Fire Department (Station 71), and Vienna Fire Department (Station 11). Two 1 ¾” hand lines were initially put in service, quickly followed by two 2 ½” lines. Firefighters utilized these lines to put out the bulk of the fire. Truck 14 was then moved into position to utilize the master stream. Firefighters were on scene for approximately 7 hours. Hurlock Fire Department (Station 6) provided a standby crew in Sharptown while firefighters were on scene. Two family pets were lost in the fire. The fire is under investigation by the Maryland State Fire Marshalls Office who has estimated the loss at one million dollars.