Help Us Help You


Imagine there is an emergency at your house: a child has been burned, there is a fire in your kitchen, a family member has stopped breathing, or someone is trying to break into your house. Everyone knows to call 911, and you have; now you are waiting anxiously for help to arrive… Now switch places. Imagine the firefighter on the engine, the EMT’s on the ambulance, the officer in the police car responding to your emergency, driving down your road, looking for your house. But they can’t tell which one is yours.  “Have we passed it”, “What was the color of the house”, “Was that it”, “Do you see the address anywhere?”  Critical moments go by as the emergency vehicles have to slow down, stop, or turn around looking for your house.

Things like that happen to often in our area because many houses don’t have their house numbers clearly marked. Prominently displayed house numbers, clearly visible day or night, are key to responders being able to reach you and your neighbors in an emergency. Having your house number clearly numbers can save responders a lot of time when responding to a call at your house.

  • Having your house number clearly and prominently visible is key to locating your house in an emergency.
  • Your house number should be displayed in block numerals at least 3 inches high against a contrasting background. Using reflective materials makes your house numbers more visible in the dark.
  •  Trim vegetation as necessary to keep your house numbers in view.
  • Your house number should be clearly visible from a vehicle driving by in either direction on the street.
  • The house number on your mailbox is adequate for marking your house only if: it meets the preceding criteria for visibility, and it is clear which house it belongs to. If not, provide an additional sign.
  • Consider lighting your house number if it is not in a location where it will be brightly lit by vehicle headlights.


If you have any questions contact Wicomico County at 410-548-4860