April 1926
Communities urged to form Fire Companys by County Commisioners. A meeting held not only started the groundwork for the Sharptown Fire Department, but also marked the beginning of the Wicomico County Firemans Association with J.P. Cooper being elected treasurer of the Association.

April 16,1926
Incorporation papers filed with Sate of Maryland by Joseph P. Cooper, Howard S. Bennett, and Purnell T. White.

May 1926
Fire Company begins drive to secure funds for purchase of a Fire Engine.

June 23,1926
First recorded meeting held with the following officers.

Officers Elected

President – W.D. Gravenor
President – H.S. Kuhlman
Secretary – J.P. Cooper
Treasurer – S.W. Owens
Chief – W.H. Fletcher
Asst. Chief – E.J. Hallowell
Trustees Elected

N.W. Owens
C.W. Stokes
A.G. Willing
H.G. Fletcher
P.T. White

August 1926
Fire Company orders Fire Engine from Howe Apparatus for over $5000.00.

October 6-22, 1926
First carnival and parade held at the location of State Street & Corporation Road. Mrs Molly Eskridge wins first car raffled at carnival.

November 27, 1926
Original Fire Station property purchased from Marvil Package Company.

November 27, 1926
$1,197.78 borrowed to pay on Reo Model HRS Delux Fire Apparatus.

November 1926
Howe Reo Fire Engine delivered. Housed in Hillside garage until construction of Firehouse completed.

July 1, 1927
Mortgaged property to construct 2 bay Fire Station – mortgage amount $5000.00.

November. 25, 1927
Housing of Engine and original station dedicated.

Carnival Car Cost $565.00 – Fire Department Band formed

September 25, 1929
Mortgage on Original Station released by Eastern Shore Trust Company.

October 31, 1932
Fire Department loans Mr. Floyd East $1150.00 to open barber shop on Main Street.

Slot machines installed at Carnival.

October. 19, 1936
Cemetery property deeded to Sharptown Fire Department by Idaho Tribe 128 Improved Order of Red Men.

May 22, 1937
Fire Department purchases Charlie Fletcher farm at public auction for $1500.00, plus paying off debt of $906.45 to Federal Land Bank, and $1800.00 to Federal Mortgage Corporation. This purchased approximately 51 acres.

June 17, 1937
Fire Department recieves deed to Charlie Fletcher farm from Federal Land Bank.

August 1937
First Carnival held at Main Street location.

February 12, 1938
Plat filed @ Courthouse for Carnival Property, Approximately 14 acres.

August 1938
Fire Department raffles 6 automobiles @ Carnival, most raffled in one year.

American LaFrance Engine purchased

September 19, 1938
Fire Department purchases 14 acres of land from Walter Mann ( Pickle Plant Property ) which Department still holds partial Title.

Ootober 28, 1939
Remaining land from Carnival Grounds sold back to Charlie Fletcher – approximately 37 acres.

October 16, 1940
Proposal presented to membership to construct a facility to house a garment factory, for a company in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

October 30, 1940
Membership mortgages Fire Station and Carnival Grounds with County Trust Company.

December 19, 1940
Resoloution passed to borrow funds needed to construct a facility on Taylor Street to house a garmnet factory.

January 21, 1941
Membership mortgages Walter Mann property to finance construction of garment factory.

July 17, 1941
Garment Factory Completed

October 16, 1941
Garment Factory rented to Green Star Mfg. Co.

May 1942
Band discontinued until deemed proper to reorganize.

October 8, 1943
Mortgages released on all property.

November 4, 1943
$3000.00 loaned to Town of Sharptown @ 4% Interest

MAY 31, 1945
Membership votes to purchase American LaFrance Pumper (#3)

September 1945
Band Reorganized

October 1945
Membership votes to purchase new Ambulance.

MARCH 2, 1946
Membership votes to sell Garment Factory to Samuel Greenfelt.

August. 1946
American LaFrance Pumper delivered.

June 1946
Membership purchases land at rear of station from Marvil Pacjkage Company.

February 1947
Remaining land on Water & Taylor Streets sold.

March 20, 1947
Plans submitted for addition to Station, Accepted and ordered to proceed with construction .

August. 1947
New Cadillac Ambulance delivered.

June 1949
Sharptown Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary formed.

January 1950
Membership decides to purchase own amusement rides for use at Carnival

May 29, 1950
Membership mortgages Station property for $19,000.00

April. 1953
Band Discontinued

April 7, 1953
Marvil Package Corporation facility on Main Street destroyed by fire.

September 11, 1953
Mortgage released on Station property.

October 15, 1954
Hurricane Hazel destroys Ferris Wheel and numerous buildings at Carnival Grounds.

March 1955
State Attorney contacts membership concerning gambling at Carnival .

Carousel building constructed at a cost of $5857.73

February 7, 1957
American LaFrance Pumper ordered. (#4)

March 11, 1957
Membership sells CROSSE AND BLACKWELL Water Street Property.

April 1957
Building constructed to house Carousel @ Carnival Grounds.

July 1957
American LaFrance Pumper delivered

March 2, 1960
Member Nelson Walker killed when #4 Engine overturns enroute to a fire on Lone Pine Road in Dorchester County.

March 13, 1960
#19 Bunker Gear retired in honor of Nelson Walker.

April 1, 1960
Membership votes to repair #4 Engine and order a new American Lanfrance Engine

May 1960
Building constructed over rides at Carnival Grounds.

July 1960
Membership votes to donate old #2 chain drive American Lafrance Engine to Linkwood-Salem.

October 1960
Mortgage to County Trust.

August. 29, 1961
Wrights Esso station destroyed by fire.

New Cadillac Ambulance Purchased.

February 19, 1963
Garment factory on Taylor Street destroyed by fire.

April. 1963
Vine Street property purchased.

April. 1967
Membership decides to construct 8000 Sq Ft. addition to Station.

July 1967
Mortgage to County Trust released.

August. 23, 1967
Mortgage to MD. National Bank to finance addition to Station.

August, 1968
Carnival Grounds

February 1969
New Engine Bay dedicated.

April 1971
Mary Phillips property next to Station purchased.

December. 12, 1972
Vine Street property sold.

February 1978
Membership age changed from 21 to 18.

March 1980
Department begins holding Jackpot Bingo on Friday evenings in the Engine Bay.

October. 1982
Construction started on Firemen’s Memorial Center to house Jackpot Bingo.

January 7, 1983
Membership mortgages Carnival Grounds to make final payment on Memorial Center.

March 1985
House Bill 1602 in Maryland Legislature would virtually eliminate all of Department’s revenue activities.(DEFEATED)

Membership purchases boat and equipment for water related activities and support of a scuba team.

May 1985
Department’s investments with John Hansons Savings and Loan frozen due to financial difficulties of those institutions in the state.

July 1, 1985
Wicomico County 911 Emergency Phone System goes into effect.

June 1986
Department unable to purchase insurance for amusement rides at Carnival, Amusemnet rides insured under an agreement to sell rides to Shaw Amusements.

October. 30, 1986
Rescue Truck Delivered

February 04, 1988
Department’s patch insignia changed to town seal format.

October 20, 1988
Pierce Arrow 2000 GPM Pumper Tanker delivered.

0ctober 1989
Department’s badge changed to town seal format

December 1989
Membership donates 1957 American LaFrance pumper to Roark Fire Co. in Roark, Kentucky.

April 5, 1990
Membership votes to begin replacing aging structures at the Carnival Grounds.

November 9, 1996
Member Donald Steve Trice killed when attempting to help an accident victim.

December 29, 2004
Membership mortgages Carnival Ground property to construct building to house remaining amusement rides.

September, 2007
Ladies Auxiliary begins work to replace their building at Carnival Grounds.

August, 2008
Carnival Grounds

June, 2009
Membership purchases “Donald Wheatley Trucking” property located across from the Carnival Grounds.

October, 2009
Membership purchases Alan Herschell Carousel to replace The Old Parker Carousel

Membership purchases 2009 Braun Chief XL Ambulance

Membership purchases 2011 Rosenbauer 101 Foot Aerial
Retired Richard Cordrey’s Gear

Sharptown Fire Department purchased the pickle plant property back from B & G

April 2016
The membership voted to purchase a new Engine Tanker on the Rosenbauer Commander R70-8 Chassis

October 2016
A mini himalaya ride was purchased for the carnival

November 2016
Renovations on the upstairs begin. The renovations consist of changing the upstairs from one to two rooms. Once of which to be used as a Gym, and the other to be used as a classroom. 

March 2017
Gym equipment is installed for use by the membership

June 2017
Sharptown Fire Department donates AED to Town of Sharptown for use at town functions (Ball Games, Heritage Day)

September  2017
Engine Tanker 14 put in service, Engine 1404 sold to Powellville Fire Department

December 2017
Replaced front concrete pad of Firehouse

January 2018
Statesman Premier Bingo console purchased and put into service to replace 20+ yr old console

November 2021 
A new ambulance, 2020 Ford F550 PL Custom Type I Classic Ambulance built by PL Customs was put in service to replace the old B14

April 2024 
Original car raffle booth and pole building removed from in front of the Ferris Wheel. Will be replace by a new pole building to house the raffles.