Line Officers

The Line Officers are tasked with the running of the Emergency Services. The Chief and Ambulance Captain are elected by the general membership, he/she then appoints their assistants. Each officer serves a one-year term.

2018 Line Officers

14-15 Fire Chief William White
Deputy 14 Deputy Cecil Bradley
14-16 1st Assistant Eric Gosnell
14-17 2nd Assistant Howard Bowden
14-18 Captain John Cooper
14-19 Truck Captain David Brown
14-20 Rescue Captain Ben Eskridge
14-21 Engine Lieutenant Dana Walker
14-22 Safety Officer Billy Adkins
14-23 Chief Engineer Jay Bare
Dive Captain Lester Huss
14-30 Fire Police Captain Issac White
14-40 Ambulance Captain JR Adkins
14-41 1st Lieutenant Billy Adkins